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Female character in a “classic” TV show: Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan from TV’s M*A*S*H

Margaret.  Let me talk about Margaret.  I can’t even talk about Margaret. Margaret is too much to talk about.

Okay here is this person who does her job very, very well, who hold other people up to that high standard, who does so with authority and assertiveness. And she does so not just because she’s ambitious, though she is, but because she really deep down believes in it, she cares about it, she loves it.

And she’s surrounded by a whole lot of people who don’t care about it—who care about saving lives but not prestige and honor of the military, and there’s this tension about what is really important.  For Margaret it’s all one and the same—saving lives equals the military for her, even though for Hawkeye they are obviously antithetical.


So much of Margaret’s story is that struggle, defining what her role is versus someone like Hawkeye’s, learning how to compromise with people like him and BJ, finding what’s important to them, what’s important for herself, what’s important for the 4077 and what’s important for lives they are trying to save, what’s important for her nurses.

Speaking of her nurses, there’s not enough of Margaret leading her nurses, but she is their leader, and she’s a good one.  She looks after them, holds them to rigorous standards but also tries to get them what they need; her first thought whenever there is something that will affect the camp is how it will affect her nurses, because she’s the only one looking out for them.

There are all these strengths but just so many weaknesses too, and those weaknesses make her who she is. Her assertiveness gets her into trouble; she is at times overly demanding, selfish, spoiled. Her authoritativeness and dedication also make her hard-nosed, persnickety, and often ridiculous.

My favorite thing about Margaret is her relationship with authority, which epitomizes all her strengths and weaknesses at once.  She is so respectful and eager to please and afraid and faithful when it comes to authority; she wants to believe that military officials, her father included, are people worthy of her effort and respect.  And in some ways when they first started writing Margaret this was very stereotypical misogyny; they were writing a woman who got off on authority, her own and other people’s.  But as the show evolved so did Margaret, and that authority kink remained but became incredibly complex and complicated; it wasn’t there because she was a woman but because she was Margaret.

Also her relationship with Colonel Potter I can’t. Just. They are the best gen father/daughter who aren’t actually father/daughter that ever EVER.


Also on top of everything Margaret just cares so much about her hair and makeup and how she looks; that was another thing that began as a stereotype but just evolved to become who she was; Margaret likes pink curtains; deal with it.

I am nothing like Margaret Houlihan, but I wouldn’t be a bit ashamed if I was.

M*A*S*H rewatch: 2x05 - ‘Dr. Pierce And Mr. Hyde’

"McIntyre, what makes him do these things?"

"He’s just unstable. He took this weird oath as a young man never to just stand around and watch people die."

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M*A*S*H rewatch2x03 - ’Radar’s Report’

Cutting up a nurse is bad enough, but why the hell did he have to louse up my patient?”

I usually don’t add comments but I feel like we really need to talk about this show and how ahead of its time it was. These doctors helped anyone who came through, even ‘the enemy’ regardless of what the higher-ups would think. They confronted serious issues that are still relevant today like sexism, racism and homophobia.

Keep in mind that this was the early 70’s-80’s too. The writers had an incredibly hard time even getting the show on the air because of the way it often showed the military in a bad way, and represented people that weren’t white (even though the show had its fair share of middle aged white guys).  And while it’s been some time since I’ve watched the show, I do remember how well they represented a diverse group of people. They had complex, well-written POC that were rarely stereotyped. They had a FANTASTIC female lead whose character development  blows my mind. They had openly gay characters. They even had a cross dressing male character (although he could be problematic at times)

While I’m not saying that the show was never offensive (it had its moments), it was so ahead of its time in the way it focused on the major social issues of its time that are still present today. It’s powerful, well-written and just an overall amazing show that I’d recommend to anyone.

M*A*S*H rewatch2x02 - ‘5 O’Clock Charlie’

"It’s not funny, hiding a person’s weapon!"

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Hi I just wanted to tell you that I really love your blog because there isn't nearly enough M*A*S*H in my life. So ily. Ok bye.

Thank you, sweetie. I agree there needs to be more M*A*S*H on/off this site.

I've just found your blog and its making me soooo happy! Me and my family have been doing a massive rewatch recently and I'm super excited to see someone my age that loves the show too!!! :D

Thank you, honey. This has really cheered me up. That’s awesome to hear that you’re entire family gets to bond over this wonderful series.

There is a lot of men's rights BS on Reddit and it obviously leaks out where you might not expect it. (In regards to the post about Margaret)
from Anonymous

I’m not surprised honestly. The internet is chalk full of stupidity like that. I’m just upset that it has leaked into this well fleshed out show that supported feminism and equality as it progressed.

Ugh they have got this so wroooong.

I’m seriously questioning some of these peoples intelligence at this moment. I think you need to get their eyes checked because they are certainly not watching any show I’ve heard of.

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