Pretty sure it’s canon that Hawkeye taught BJ how to knit.

headcanon accepted

Then they got bored and taught Margaret who tried to prove that she was better at it, and knitted them ridiculous stuff that they didn’t really need to show them up. Which is how she eventually knitted that blanket that was supposed to be a mug-holder.


How to Fix It: AfterM*A*S*H

It’s time to look at the M*A*S*H Spin off that’s actually not that bad.

M*A*S*H Musings- Post War


I’d like to talk about what you think these guys got up too after the war. I know the series After M*A*S*H dealt with Mulcahy, Potter and Klinger, but I kinda disregard that show as I’ve never seen it and I’ve never wanted to see it. 

Here’s a few specific questions about all of the main characters from the series and there life post-war. 

1. Do you think Lorraine Blake was invited to the 4077th Reunions, and would she have gone to them?

2. Did Frank Burns make a success of his career and marriage? Was he able to stay sane? Did he ever get over Margaret or did he start a new affair? 

3. Did Margaret Houlihan ever find her Mr Right? Had she learnt enough in Korea to get her work/life balance right?

4. Did Walter O’Reiley ever make a success of the Farm? Did he marry and have kids? 

5. Do Peg & BJ Hunnicutt have any more kids? Did BJ confess any of his weak moments to Peg? 

6. What happened to Trapper John McIntyre after he got home? Why did he never write? Did his marriage survive his cheating?

7. Did Hawkeye Pierce go back to surgery or stay a small town doctor? Had he learnt enough to put a woman before his work? 

8. Max Klinger married Soon-Li. Did they stay in America, or go back to Korea? Would their differences keep them together in the long run? 

9. Was Charles Winchester as successful as he should have been, or did he let the affects of War take their toll? Did he ever find a way to bridge the gap between himself and his Father?  

10. Colonel Potter was close to retirement by the end of the show. Was it everything he wanted or did he find the quiet life too quiet?

Don’t mind me, I’m just bored. But please, answer my questions. :) You don’t have to answer them all if you can’t think. I’m just curious. 
Amuse me, won’t you?

I’ve seen quite a few episodes of AfterMASH as well as the other spin offs. While something’s I think they did well others could have been better, but they did well with what they had. Quite a few of the canons I think would be accurate like with what happened with Klinger and Colonel Potter. I have my own canons for everything else. I’ll go ahead and tell you some of both since I kind of feel like writing right now and I have a lot of opinions on this…

Frank: I don’t think Frank improved much after the war. I would like to think that he might have received some therapy and finally talked about his past with his  father and such… but I don’t think that overall he would have still been the same. It wasn’t possible for him. He probably continued his career though I don’t his marriage was ever a success. He obviously wasn’t happy with it during the war and I don’t think that would change. I think though part of him did love Margaret he eventually moved on to the next nurse.

Margaret: I could right a book on what I think of Margaret. I don’t believe that finding a guy was her biggest priority after her failed marriage, I think she would have continued that great mentality she had at the end of the war (with a few slip up I’m sure.) I imagine that she tried to be more sociable and despite still having trouble makes many great friends where she works. Eventually I believe she finds someone who shares her passion and doesn’t want to change her. I like to think that she even tries a little to keep in touch with a few people like Hawkeye, who understood her the most.

Radar: I think the farm improved once he got help from that young Korean boy (whose name I can’t recall) that the people at the unit sent to help him. He also got married to Patty, he even showed up on After M*A*S*H for a bit because of it. The show never said if they had kids, but they probably did.

Peg & BJ: These two defiantly had more kids; they just seem like the type. I kind of get the feeling that maybe one night he tries to sit down with her and talk to her about it, and she just stops him and says that she understands. I also feel like he would be the first one to try and get everyone together for a reunion.

Trapper: Trapper actually got his own show for awhile .I don’t agree much with the head-canon’s that were made during this series though. It doesn’t go much into detail about these facts, it mostly revolved around him being chief surgeon at Boston General (kind of awkward since that means that he took over the job after Charles and for some reason they also cast someone who looks shockingly like Charles so… So technically they could be friends in the future, talking about the good old days when they had hair and such.) It does show however that he was extremely affected by the war after he left, heck the first scene he’s having a nightmare about it. Personally I think that it was just too hard for him to leave a note, there wasn’t enough time, there was too much to say etc. I think his marriage might have continued but I doubt it ever was a faithful one. Trapper never seemed remorseful of anything he did of that matter.

Hawkeye: I don’t think it would be possible for him to ever go back to surgery. As hard as it was for him at the end I think he needed to step away from all that death he saw. I would like to think after a period of time of trying to adjust and stay sane he gets help. I like to imagine that he’s happy, but I understand how hard it must be for him not having his best friends around. He feels isolated, alone, no one understands him… Life is probably an uphill battle for in for quite some time. Though, through help I imagine him getting through it, and talking about his experiences. As for settling down with a family, I’m more skeptic on that one.

Klinger: With Klinger I think the spin-off did pretty much everything right. They stayed in Korea for several months looking for Soon-Lee’s family (I don’t remember if they actually found them or not, I like to think they did). He was arrested in a raid and after making a killer speech, (seriously you should watch it,) to the judge he ends up working with Potter at a clerk at the same hospital. He continues to struggle with acclimating back to following certain rules that he had no trouble breaking in Korea (i.e. stealing a car because a patient needed it.) The racism that Soon-Lee and he faces is apparent, they get nasty looks everywhere they go etc. and though it’s hard they stick together. I don’t think he’d be afraid to stand up for her. I do think it’s a bit more likely that Klinger would have still wanted to stay in Toledo, but he did give it up for Soon-Lee once, I don’t doubt he would do it again. Soon-Lee’s and Klinger’s relationship does develop more and they have quite good chemistry (they’re just plain adorable together) they even have a child later on.

Charles: I think he became more empathetic after the war and showed that empathy in all aspects of his life. As for the gap between his Father, no I don’t think he ever reconciled. It seemed that that was just the way his Father was and he wasn’t going to change.

Potter:  He was retired for awhile but he was utterly bored during that time. At one point he’s playing poker with some old buddies and one of them dies during the game, because of this he decides to start working at the local VA hospital since he doesn’t like the idea of just waiting around to die. I think this matches the character perfectly, he’s not one to just sit around.

That’s a little part of what I think might have happened/happened in the spin-offs that seems logical. I’d say more, but I don’t think this needs to be an essay. Haha.

I’m still alive!

Hey guys. Just want to apologize for my lack of activity on here lately. I’m back at college and I’ve been focusing most of my time on that. I can’t really complain too much though, since I have awesome classes this semester. If you’ve put in a request awhile ago and haven’t seen anything for it know that I haven’t forgotten, I just haven’t gotten to them. Though, if you really want to see them soon I won’t feel upset if you send me a message reminding me of it. I also have some unanswered questions in my ask, so if you sent something and never got anything back (like a request or something) know that I’m waiting on answering them for a reason. If there’s anything else you want to say or ask feel free too, but I should apologize in advance for whatever wait there is. I’ll try to be on as much as I can today and tomorrow if you want answers soon.


"Gentlemen, I give you the war"

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M*A*S*H rewatch2x12 - ‘The Incubator’

"Captain, are you saying no?"

"It’s my job to say no."

"You do it very well."

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M*A*S*H rewatch2x08 - ‘The Trial Of Henry Blake’

"Charge three states you have a non-com who is a transvestite."

"Well I don’t pry into a man’s religion, sir."

Alan Alda became a household name playing a doctor on TV, but it’s his real-life love of science that might be his biggest legacy.

The seven-time Emmy-winning actor who starred on “M.A.S.H.” for over a decade, and in a number of other popular movies, plays, and TV shows since (including “The West Wing” and “The Aviator”), has been something of a glamorous scientific spokesperson for two decades.

Alda has hosted 11 seasons of the PBS series “Scientific American Frontiers,” he’s moderated the World Science Festival in New York, and founded the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University.

Yesterday, Alda received the lifetime achievement award at “The Executive Summit: Learning in the Digital Age,” an event sponsored by Scientific American and Macmillan Science & Education.

Alda discusses the award, and why he thinks science is crucial to our advancement as a society and enrichment as human beings.
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