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Only reason I didn’t like it, was because it made the timeline even harder to figure out, haha.

Yeaahhh… Most of the series is like that because of the length, I try not to think about it too hard.

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"A war for all seasons" Was one of my favourite all time episodes. It reminds us how things change over a year, a perspective you don’t really get reminded of in other television programmes, or indeed, in reality.

Hi there! You're my favourite m*a*s*h blog around and thought you might be able to help me. I was just wondering if you knew of a way to watch the "making mash" doco that was made in 1981? Have you seen it? There is link on a mash fansite to download it, yet that post is old and it doesn't seem to be available anymore. Thank you so much.
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First of all, thank you. Secondly, no I don’t know where you can watch that documentary. I’ve looked everywhere online I possibly could for it, but it seems that once that sight went down and got new owners it was erased from the internet. Pus it’s ownership by PBS could be one of the reasons it’s so hard to find (copyrights can be tough.)  I even checked Amazon, and again no luck. I’ll continue to look for it for you and post if I find anything new, but sadly right now you’re out of luck. Sorry.

Hi! I don't know if you are still doing gif requests or not (I love them, BTW), but if you have a chance could you do one of Padre saying "Kill the umpire...God rest his soul" from "A War For All Seasons"?
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Can we get GIF's of all the times the Boom mic invaded?

Could you give me some examples? Honestly, I can’t really think of any scenes where I really noticed this.

Thank you so much for this, you’ve helped me understand that episode 100x better! I don’t think they were ready for each other at the time, but I think that the way their relationship continued to evolve, things would have worked out a lot better too

You’re welcome, sweetie; glad my obsessive analysis of this show/character could help. And I completely agree.

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I ship Radar/Kellye a little bit. I don't even know why. They're just cutie patoots.
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Awww, I could see that, it would be cute, especially because of that one scene of them dancing in the early days.

One more random thought. I'm not opposed to H/M as a ship, but the two episodes where they actually got together were horrible. They butchered her character just to make Hawkeye uncomfortable with committed relationships. If anything, they should have brought in some other nurse and not made Margaret go off the deep end for the sake of Hawkeye's character development.

I don’t think they completely made that out of character, actually. If you watch how Margaret was like when she was with Frank, it wasn’t all that different at times. Also, remember that Alan Alda wrote this episode in season three, but it wasn’t used then because their relationship hadn’t evolved enough. Hell, even with Donald she was still very much in charge yet she was very insecure, she needed reassuring and conformation that she wasn’t just some army nurse. She wanted to know that she was wanted and cared for. And yes, she could be quite giggly at times as well. I feel like this was explained more when her Father came to the camp and she practically killed herself trying to please him. She even pissed some of her close friends off because it was so important for her to know that her Father was proud of her, that she wasn’t a disappointment. So when she and Hawkeye were in that shack together and she knew for sure that the man she had put so much hope in was cheating on her, it made sense for her not act like the tough head nurse, but instead the person that just wanted to know that she was needed. Donald wasn’t fulfilling her needs so she opened up to Hawkeye, who had showed her a type of affection that she wanted. Yes, that scared him away, but their reconciliation afterwards and his talk with B.J. showed that it wasn’t entirely her fault. It wasn’t the right time for them.

Honestly, what made me ship them wasn’t entirely that two part episode to be honest. It was the way they were afterwards and a little before that. It’s obvious before Comrades in Arms that relationship was changing. They flirted, they teased each other, they had civilized talks, they’ve even stood up for the other at times. Then afterwards that was much more the norm. They grew together: Margaret learning to open up more and relax every once in a while; Hawkeye learning to grow up and respect women as equals, not just hot nurses to hook up with. They of course fought, how could you not, but overall they were friends and I know if the writers were willing to go that route they could have eventually been more. I could literally go on and on about how much they changed after that night, so I think I’ll stop here.