MASH means the world to me thank you so much for running this blog!
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It’s my pleasure, dear.


What's your favorite or most memorable quote from the show?
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Tough question. There are so many good quotes in this series it’s easy to see why the show continued for so long. I would have to say that these two are probably the ones that have stuck with me the most, though they’re not always my favorites.

"War isn’t hell. War is war and hell is hell, and of the two war is a lot worse."  - The General’s Practitioner

"When the doctors cut into a patient and it’s cold, you know the way it is now, today steam rises from the body and the doctor will will warm himself over the open wound. Could anyone look on that and not feel changed?" - The Interview

Thank you so much for creating this blog, and keeping it up. I almost thought this fandom didn't exist until I found this blog. You're wonderful. xo <3
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And you’re welcome. This fandom deserves everything they get and more. Believe it or not, there are thousands of people in this fandom, they’re just not all as vocal about it on here.

I just seen that you found the gif of Hawkeye saying don't talk to me I'm bad!!! It's probably been there for a while, but i just seen it. I love it! Thanks so much! I've been sick all week and it just made my day!

You’re welcome, sweetie. Feel better!

Hello! You are such an awesome person for doing all these gifs!
from suegull

Awww, you’re such a sweet person.

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the-4077th ; the-4077th

Ooh, ooh! You may already have something like this, but, could you do from the series finale how BJ refuses to say good-bye juxtaposed with the good-bye in the rocks as Hawkeye takes off in the chopper?

Um, sure. I suppose I can do this.

Please could you do arrivals and departures to the mash? Just main characters :)
There is actually already two gifsets out of something like that. You can find them here and here, sorry I couldn’t link you to the source.
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